Classic Stable Fixed 4-6 Seater Dining Table Base


This amazing invention self-levels on uneven ground so no more wobbly tables.

• Manage height differences up to 25mm
• Manages both bumps and groves
• No more tables falling over and chipping the tops
• Fully self-adjusting, no pulling or tugging to set up
• Mechanical system, no valves, no hydraulics, no impact from external factors
• Extremely durable, only one mowing part that sits well protected
• Fully automatic, as soon as you move them, even by pulling, they will immediately re-adjust
• Work on any uneven surface
• Can be used both in- and outdoors
• Can be used outside all year round

Dining height top sizes suitable for table tops 1000mm – 1200mm DIA or 900x900mm – 700×1100-1200mm sq top.

Small orders may incur a surcharge.

Table top not included.

Price excluding VAT
  • Specifications
  • Height (mm): 700
  • Width (mm): 600
  • Depth (mm): 600
  • Weight (kg): 7.8
  • Features
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Dispatch time: Up to 6 weeks
  • Suitability: Outdoor
  • Material: Metal
  • Shape: Square


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